Thursday, April 7, 2011

Women are chatty shopaholics - Confirmed!!

Nielsen Wire just released these data about texting among men and women of all ages (Us). Amazing! Of course you are not going to blindly trust statistics... but look at how much teenage girls are tapping away!

And look at the data in the second graph, of how much women shop compared to men.
Ah, that women are chatty shopaholics is nothing new I guess, but still something that are simply not talked about enough at agencies, where insights on female behaviour and emotions are still not strong enough, and both strategies and campaigns are created by men. No complaints, but it can only get better :) I recommend to read Shemarketing by Amanda Stevens and other books, but to really get into the minds of women you have to understand how insecure and caring and fabulous and needy we are on a deep deep deep level. Love Coaching women have opened my eyes beyond focus groups and latte talks on Sunday mornings. OMG, we are complex, lol.

Read the whole article:

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