Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Will women work in the future?

Will women have children in the future? Will there be housewives? Will women work?

A study from Regus has found that 33% of companies believe that employing and trainging young mothers is risky because they may end up leaving after a short time to have another child. 37% are concerned that part-time working mothers will show less commitment and flexibility than others.

But mos employers - 63% - say they value part time returning moms because they offer skills and experience that are difficult to find in the current market. They are also more likelyto be cheap... 54% of companies favor part-time mothers because they offer experience and skills without demanding top salaries.

Companies worry about all sorts of things. They avoid us Europeans because they need to make sure we get a 457 visa - which is actually a guarantee to have staff staying around - and they avoid moms because they might be leaving.

Thing is if you are a great employer encouraging and empowering your people, they will stay. If you disrespect and nag, they will leave. Karma is a far stronger rule than demographic.

I don´t think women will be baby producers only in the future. Step by step we move towards a world where individuals are valued for what they do, think and are, instead of what they look like beween their legs. We will see a world where we are not born into a certain gender culture, moulding our lives and personalities, limiting our movements.

Or is this just my dream...? Life style changes tend to move slower than technological changes, but be just as suprising.

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