About Carolin

Hello, I´m Carolin! Thanks for checking out my site!

I´m a strategic planner at an ad agency in Stockholm, Sweden and I LOVE my job.

I´ve worked in the area of understanding and influencing people for 15 years and have a very broad experience in marketing. My strength lies in consumer psychology and emotional branding; I´m deeply passioned about finding out what motivates and attracts people, and how brands can use this to make the consumer loyal and loving. I´m ambitious about my research and a bit of life experience in different work roles and countries has made me humble enough to take a serious look on the target before recommending strategies or ideas. 

Agency experience:
I have worked in agencies for over 8 years both in Sweden and Australia. I consulted almost full time for the award winning Swedish agency Prime PR/United Minds for 5 years, doing PR, strategic qualitative research and building creative communication strategies, working with brands like Swedish Milk, Kraft Foods and Coke.

2010-2012 I freelanced as a strategic planner in Sydney (for The Marketing Zoo, Pendulum, 31st Second and others), conducting research, identifying consumer insights and created strategies. In Australia I worked with strategy on brands like Kit-Kat, Dettol, Campbell´s, ING Direct, Cancer Institute and eharmony.

Client side:
After studying to be a political journalist at uni I was a political writer back in Sweden for over 10 years, producing books and debate articles, editorials and speeches for a think tank, various newspapers and as a ghost writer for a large lobby organisation for Swedish corporations. This job included research, analysing complex material and presenting the result in an engaging, easy to understand way to get media coverage in order to influence. I´ve also built up a brand around my side business as a Love Coach. 

Looking forward to connecting with you :)


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“People like Carolin are few and far between. She's brimming with ideas, original thinking and different ways to look at challenges and issues. Her thinking is driven by a innate desire and aptitude for getting under that skin of the consumer and the brand in order to arrive at fresh insights that can form the basis of great work. She brings an energy and enthusiasm to a group that is infectious and helps to inspire others.” February 23, 2012
1st Kenny Hill, Head of Business Development & Group Business Director, 303 Creative Agency
worked directly with Carolin at Love Branding

“Carolin was recommended to Pendulum Communications for strategic planning on a large integrated experiential campaign for our financial client. 

Carolins strategic approach to the brief was extremely insightful and the client was impressed with both Carolins findings and her presentation. She is very passionate and driven, along with having a great attitude and is a delight to work with.

I would recommend Carolin to anyone looking for an experienced articulate mind and a great personality fit for any company.

Simone Wengdal
Pendulum Communications
Experiential / PR / Events”
 November 28, 2011
Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Creative
1st Simone Wengdal 
hired Carolin as a Strategic Planning in 2011, and hired Carolin more than once

“Carolin is a passionate, driven, out of the ordinary strategist who has developed a unique and valuable way of looking at brand communications strategy. She is a prolific writer and commentator in her field, which gives her a unique and current perspective on consumers' relationships with the brands they choose to love (or hate), and perhaps more importantly, why they make these choices. 
I would recommend her wholeheartedly as someone who can genuinely give any strategy driven organisation a point of difference, and that "X-Factor" that so often is sought but rarely found.”
 October 6, 2011
1st Paddy Douneen LL.B, MBA, MAICD, AIMM, Media Director, BMF
was with another company when working with Carolin at Love Branding

“Carolin was recently engaged by The Marketing Zoo to assist on a major pitch. Not only was Carolin a delight to work with, her outputs were superb. We won the business and I would retain her again on similar projects in a heartbeat.” May 11, 2011
Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert
1st David Lo 
hired Carolin as a Strategy, Insights and Planning in 2011

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“First among Carolin Dahlman's remarkable qualities is her enviable enthusiasm for her work. She is consequently a prolific author and columnist with a wonderful capacity to generate, develop and deliver new ideas in an engaging style. I first worked with her at ninemsn where I subedited one of her columns and I later copyedited one of her books. In all her work I've appreciated her rigour, openness to feedback, ability to motivate and generosity of spirit.” December 18, 2011
1st Paul Stock, Subeditor, ninemsn
was with another company when working with Carolin at TheLoveCoach.info

“Carolin is a joy to work with. Her sharp intellect and keen observations are matched with a big heart and pure professionalism. She has important things to share with the world, and makes the most of her talent to help people improve their lives and find love. Expect complete commitmet and fast action with her, as well as generosity beyond the call of duty.” July 19, 2010
1st Charlotta Oberg, Cross-Cultural Consultant, A Lotta Culture
was with another company when working with Carolin at Coaching2love.com

“Carolin showed her professional side when she presented to 80+ attendees at a November 09 Conference I ran. I chose her for her differentiation and unique ideas. 

The audience was excited, energised and enthusiastic, wanting more and recommending her return for future events. I was ecstatic.”
 January 19, 2010
Top qualities: Personable, Good Value, Creative
1st Philip Bendeich 
hired Carolin as a Trainer in 2009

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Bottom of Form
“Carolin is a very skilled writer and an excellent communicator with a deep understanding of societal and market trends - and ther implications for consumer behaviour, branding and business.” August 18, 2010
1st Carl Elfgren, Owner, Revenue Consulting
was with another company when working with Carolin at United Minds

“Carolin is intelligent, creative and has strong integrity.” June 21, 2010
1st Jonas Hellman, Senior consultant, Prime PR & United Minds
worked directly with Carolin at United Minds

“Carolin was hired (as a contractor) as my communications/PR advisor from 2007 until 2008, when I was the CEO of The Federation of Swedish Business Owners. 

Carolin always delivers excellent quality and strives to perform her very best in all assigments given to her. Carolin is a role model for reliability and trust, and she has a high level of integrity. Also, Carolin has exceptional people skills. 

Carolin's contributions to the organization's success in public relations were crucial at the time, and her work was highly appreciated. 

I was very happy to work with Carolin and I would be pleased to work with her again.”
October 11, 2011
Top qualities: Great Results, High Integrity, Creative
1st Anna-Stina Nordmark Nilsson 
hired Carolin as a Business Consultant in 2007

 “Carolin is a very creative and conscientious person, who works hard and effectively to create results and value not just for herself, but for the rest of the group as well. She is also a very kind, warm and likeable person who creates a positive atmosphere around her, which is of tremendous value to any organization.” October 6, 2011
Top qualities: Personable, High Integrity, Creative
1st Johan Norberg 
hired Carolin as a Writer/Editor in 2003

“Carolin is hard working, intelligent and great with clients, always creative and self going, coming up with new ways to get publicity for the companies she worked with, most times with stunning results. We also had lots of fun working together, which is a bonus!” April 6, 2011
1st Kristofer Myrevik (fd Nilsson), VD, delägare, konsult, Medial Kommunikation AB
managed Carolin at Medial Kommunikation

“I was always very impressed by Carolin's analytical strength and solid project management skills. This probably derives from her being so brave and passionate about her work and that she is very adaptive; unlike many others, Carolin appears to view change as opportunity. I give her the best of recommendations.” August 19, 2010
1st Ann-Charlotte Högberg, Political Adviser, Moderaterna, Swedish Parliament
worked with Carolin at Moderaterna