Friday, April 8, 2011

For how long will bills be around? Those dirty space and time thieves

Sweden will get new bills in 3-4 years, showcasing our most famous singers and writers. No royalties to be seen. Astrid Lindgren - author of childrens books - got the lowest dollar number but will be the one we most often use. The leftish feminists are actually arguing at the moment that even if there are 3 women and 3 men, the guys represents the higher values... Ah well.

Who is on your bill? In the future, don´t you think we will be able to make our own? If bills will even exist... I love the ad from Visa where everyone simply pay with their card while some dude brings up a dollar bill, hence needing change - and stopping the flow of the queue. Brilliant! Why are Visa not showing it from their website by the way? Why are brands not spreading their videos through their owned media after spending so much on bought and earned? Odd. (there is no 'follow me on twitter' either... social media consultants, give Visa a call!!)

I wish I could use my phone to pay, especially after being on a run when all I bring is my key and phone. If I want to go to the shop for milk after I need to go home to get my wallet. Sure, I could do the shoe trick or put the cash in my bra, but how nice is that... Makes me think of how awfully dirty dollar bills are, and that the health minister should ban them! Or, even better, Visa could use this fact in their next ad. "Go Germs"!

Anyway, sales of hand sanitizers (Us 06-09. I´m sure there are fresher numbers out there but I had these laying around...)

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