Monday, April 4, 2011

The bus says "sorry" and I feel fantastic!

I saw this new approach from Sydney buses the other day. The bus is no longer simply "not in service" but "SORRY not in service".

What a difference a little word makes. Sorry...

Suddenly I smile, suddenly I feel seen as a human being and not talked to robot to robot.

What if more organisations could see the importance of this, and add a few "sorry" before their messages. Like: "sorry, this table is reserved", "sorry, but could you please not put pads in the toilet" or "sorry, we are closed, come back tomorrow".

What a difference a little word makes. Sorry...

Why don´t you add a few words to your vocabulary today as well? Please, sorry, thank you, you are lovely, great work, awesome, fabulous, well done, good on ya, keep smiling! It will make a difference...

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