Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Bank marketing amplifies the view of them being smooth talking bad boys

Why are so many banks marketed with fear as a core message? By amplifying what customers are scared of they damage the whole industry.

Let´s have a look at the big four (85% of the market):

- ANZ bank promote their fabulous service with Barbara - who lives in the bank world and is an ignorant bitch (I guess).
- NAB sell their own fabulousness by telling people to break up with their current banks - because they suck (I guess)?
- Commonwealth Bank showcases how friendly they are by having people faint by the unexpected thought of a bank person calling them back - since most other banks will never do such a thing (I guess).
- Westpac is apparently a bank you can bank on - while the others are not? (I guess)

Someone asked me "do banks need to be liked?" and I must say YES. We all need to have a bank, and we all want to trust our bank, since it is representing our secure base. The bank has all your cash and this is what you need to pay rent, get food and shop for cars or mascara - all the essentials... We desperately want to have a bank we CAN trust.

When a bank indirectly tells you that banks are not to trust - at least not theirs - they awaken a negative emotion, a doubt that lingers around there in the gut, but that we do NOT want to have.

People want to feel safe. This is why so many around the world are drawn to smooth talking politicians, pastors, bad boys and sales assistants. We want to trust. We want other people to lead with confidence, so we can live life comfortably. If they don´t, we get too much responsibility, and most humans are not born to like that... Not everyone wish to be a leader, but rather look up to the stars and follow. Only a few dares to step up against normality, go against and raise their fist.

Hence, telling people you should go to a bank because the other banks are bastards, is to play in a very dangerous emotional space. Since everyone else has the same message - saying YOU are the bastard - customers will jump around, trusting no one.

I don´t have numbers of ROI and other ways to measure success, but would love to get some if you guys have... Has anyone compared bank ads and what actually works - in the long run? I know I think I am with Commonwealth bank because of Roman who works in Bondi and who I adore, and that they have most ATM´s and I am a tight ass who doesn´t want to pay fees. But who knows - maybe I was drawn to the bank to start with because of other forces?

I think BankWest is silly, and what does happy has to do with banks? But at least it´s positive, and I do think people wish to laugh in tragedies... Consumer insight: Most people feel a bit of guilt, fear and worries when it comes to their money situation (and prefer to talk to their mum than the judgemental bank person who will put the blame on them for shopping an ipad instead of saving for super) and as in all conflicts and dramas, a big laugh is what will most successfully release tension.

But is it successful? Let me know if you know, I´m just referring to psycological findings...

And, isn´t banks similar to NRL players; people assume they will screw up? The bad boys always do, don´t they Todd...

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