Monday, April 18, 2011

People don´t get happy until they are 85 - unless we make them shop the right stuff of course...

Ok, I am in my mid 30´s so according to research I am not very happy at the moment – buy wow how my level of happiness is about to increase soon!
In a study of 341,000 people American National Academy of Sciences found that enjoyment of life dwindled in early adulthood, but took an upward turn in the late 40´s, finally peaking at age 85.
Psychologists believe that this bliss may be because in old age we become more selective about how we use our time and focus more on things that we enjoy, rather than the things that make us unhappy.
Isn´t it sad how we get so occupied by life that we forget to enjoy it – until we are 85!!!
For marketers its valuable information since we can for sure fill that lack of happiness with lots of products in a period when people build house, family and career and are in serious need of both things and confidence.... Sounds cynical of course, but isn´t this what we do all day? Trying to make people happy? We fill emotional voids and run like a water stream in to those empty spaces.
As long as the water is clean, I guess it´s ok. Who am I to judge how people find their happiness? If someone gets happy when buying a new really expensive eye cream from Estee Lauder and get goodie bags too (I TOLD you I´m in my mid 30´s and need these things, lol)... who is anyone to judge?
His Holiness @dalailama tweeted yesterday “No matter what our situation, we all share the same aspiration for happiness.”  (pst. quoting a tweet and not the books is a sign of our snack sized information era)
He means happiness is the purpose of life. Joy, laughs, contentment, pleasure, peace of mind, butterflies in your belly – however you describe it, happiness is the purpose of life. Whoever you are, wherever you are, whatever your age – happiness is the purpose of life. It is in our genes.
This is why we love the meaningless kicking of a ball on a stadium, why more people watch the low rated Hollywood crap than the ‘fancy’ films or why I felt absolutely fantastic yesterday when travelling back home carrying a really expensive cream for my eyes. There is a lot to worry about in the world and in our own life and personas… but joy is a human need.
I listened to a talk by strategist Rob Pyne the other week and he had developed Maslow´s famous pyramid to include humor. I liked that thought, and I do sometimes think our need of happiness goes beyond our need of food and water as well. We know that kids who don´t get hugs and love die…
Emotional branding and Love Branding is much stronger than rational arguments, graphs and ratings. Sure, the numbers back up our gut instinct when purchasing something our heart is craving, but they don´t lead to purchase on their own. Whatever makes us happy, we will pay for!
I wish of course that more people could find the true core of happiness at a younger age, and that the early adulthood could be a pleasant experience instead of a hunt for success, money, kids and stuff. But who am I to judge…?
Find things to laugh about today J

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