Sunday, April 3, 2011

Who creates these sexist ads?

Reckit Benckiser has made another shockingly bad ad, following the BAM and Vanish ones... The ad rolling on Australian TV at the moment is selling a toilet cleaner with seriously sexist attitudes. A man comes home to see his wife (I assume) unpacking glasses, because THE neighbours are coming to visit and everything has to be PERFECT. The husband then brings his wife (or I kind of hope she is his cleaning lady and not in a relationship with him) into the bathroom and look at the toilet, saying "How are you going to make THAT look new?"

OK, making ads for toilet cleaners can´t be the coolest job in the world, but how can any marketing manager who lives and breathes in Australian culture believe that it will be appealing to show a woman getting told she won´t be able to clean the toilet properly? I just go: Clean the f''¨´´cking toilet yourself Mister!!! I´ve cleaned the rest of the house, don´t ask me "How will YOU going to make that look new?"

Plus, who hangs out with neighbours they are scared of? This is the land of friendly casual bbq´s where everyone talks to everyone. If you are so whined up about having guests over, don´t invite them. Or MOVE!

I haven´t been able to locate the ad, but if you find it, send it to me please :)

On the Reckit Benckiser website I read about their commercials: "It´s all about making an impact. Doing somethng properly. RB invests more in media than any of its competitors - 12.4% of net revenue. That´s visionary."

Yeah, right...

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  1. This ad isn't sexist at all you fat dyke, he's saying she's going to have trouble cleaning it because it's a mess and it looks like it's going to take a lot of effort, and she's the one doing the cleaning because she is obsessing over the neighbors and wants everything to be clean while the man is indifferent not because "it's her duty as a woman rabble rabble rabble all men are pigs"


Thank you for your insights :)

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