Sunday, April 17, 2011

A boygirl - or a human? Andrej Pejic is a symbol of a shift towards humanity beyond gender

The hottest supermodel at the moment is a boy looking like a girl in a 'Boy George but classy' way. Andrej Pejic was raised in Melbourne and got to be the face and body of a Jean Paul Gaultier wedding gown in Paris earlier this year. He is called "an angrogynous sensation" and is for sure stunning in a really cool way.

His approach may be a sign of metrosexuality taking a step further. In Australia, ads from beer brands are trying to win men back to the cave stage, but globally there is a trend towards genderlessness. Or should I say individualism, letting people be what they wish to be no matter how they are born.

I love this thought. When we are allowed to grow and explore all parts of ourselves, without being limited by cultural barriers like gender, religion or looks, we can experience freedom beyond the political freedom philosophers have discussed through time. When people can live their life as they wish, they can maximise their true potential and meet dharma. 

Looks is just one part of this, but a symbol of a shift.

(For those who can read Swedish I have developed an ideology beyond politics I call 'life liberalism' in a book. Email if you want to read and I´ll send a pdf.)

More about this beauty, Andrej Pejic:

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  1. Now we don't need men anymore, this is their future - looking decorative for the rest of us!


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