Wednesday, April 27, 2011

ADD-inclined Gen Y´s get "one minute news" - perfect match!

Trendcentral has spotted a Gen Y media trend:

"Former MTV exec Doug Greenlaw is perhaps more attuned to the desires of Gen Y than are most media professionals. Along with his son Mack (also a former MTV staffer), Greenlaw recently founded One Minute News, a video-based, online news start-up targeting ADD-inclined Gen Ys. Visitors to the minimalist site can choose their topic of interest (everything from international affairs to entertainment), click on their video of choice, and be informed of a current event or issue in less than one minute. In true Gen Y form, the news outlet’s roster of reporters, which includes Current TV alum Yasmin Vossoughian, is as multicultural as it is young." Check it out:

I bet a lot of serious grown ups will find this horrendous!!! "Can´t the kids consumer more than a minute of the important issues in life" Gaaaasp! I agree that choosing gossip mags or chilling in front of crappy tv shows like Jersey Shore might lead to entropy, but I also think that too much news consumption can do the same. When we focus on all the negatives in life, and use our time to worry and frown, we damage our health and wellbeing.

I´m re-reading the amazing book "Hidden messages in water" by Masaru Emoto, a scientist who has taken photos of water crystals and through this discovered how our thoughts, words and vibes can influence the quality of the water we consume and are built of (70 % of YOU is made out of water).

He was stoked one day when him and his assistant decided to play music to water and see how it reacted. It turned out the water crystals turned into beautiful shapes when listening to classic music, but turned ugly when heavy metal came through the speakers. He then started to say certain words and write notes on the bottles to see how the water reacted, and once again he was stunned!!! Saying nasty comments like "you are a fool" damaged the crystals, while they seemed to love the sound of words like happiness. The words that lead to the prettiest shape was "gratitude and happiness".

Hence, if we fill ourselves up with positive messages, this will affect our bodies and worlds. Maybe news are dangerous for you, watching all that pain and trouble? I know how much happier I have become living in Australia where we don´t care too much about the dramas or wars, instead of living in Sweden where everyone is overly concerned about everything! I´m not ashamed of turning off the news today, while I was a heavy consumer over there. I rather create happy pretty crystals in water...

Look at the light, not the darkness. Look up, not down.

How you word your product can make a huge difference too:

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