Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Married couples choose to live apart - new trend to avoid closeness?

I heard on channel 9 news this morning that it is getting more common for married couples to have separate houses, especially if they re-marry. I´m not sure how many couples the statistics are based on, or if it is a phenomenon in a small city outside London (need to check the news again for details) but still think the stats were interesting.

Intimacy, closeness and reality is sort of not trendy anymore. We all know that having 732 Facebook friends doesn´t mean you have someone to chill with on a Sunday, and that the technical developments have separated people and brought us together at the same time, but what does this mean in the long run. For how long can we live our individual lives without losing our minds?

OR is this completely natural. The longer we live, the more complex our personalities and needs, and the harder to compromise and share with other human beings. Families no longer gather around the dinner table, eating the same food. There are one kind of milk for every person in the house hold, and we hang out with friends in the physical world at the same time as we have conversations on our iphones, ipads and checking out the other people around us.

Kids are better than adults doing this, which means it´s a learned behaviour. Which means that multi-closeness or apart-closeness it is not harming us or goes against our nature. Some people will be frustrated about the development, and we have all met those who say ''I hate Facebook" and judge the 600 million people who love it, but it´s all about different needs for different people. Haven´t old people always frowned at what the young ones do?

Living together. Living apart. Whatever suits you. As long as you are not hiding from living NOW and opening up for love.

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