Love Branding - the book

Customers are emotional buyers and you need to go beyond facts and features to connect and get their attention and liking. When you truly understand how people feel, what they fear, love, hate, worry about and so on, you will be able to become their friend. If you can make people feel good around your brand, you will attract more customers and build a long term loyal commitment with them.

This book combines insights on relationships I´ve gathered both from my time as a researcher for FMCG brands and my years as a love coach, with psychological research on the power of influence. By seeing the relationship between brands and customers as similar to romantic partnerships, you will get a useful perspective to use for your business. Learn how to not only catch their eye, but also touch their heart.


“Love Branding takes a fresh approach by offering simple yet practical and actionable tips to marketers looking to build ‘emotional layers' into their products and brands.” Research magazine

"One might expect a book comparing brand relationships to human love would be full of fluffy anecdotes about romantic misadventures and speculative analogies to brand building. While there are indeed a few love coaching stories sprinkled around the book, they aren’t the main emphasis. In fact, Dahlman populates this slender but interesting volume with over a hundred end-noted citations as well as her own branding observations from both personal experience and consulting gigs.” Neuromarketing blog 

Other books I´ve written 

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Självcoaching för företagare (2007) is a book that helps entrepreneurs to get motivation and a winning attitude. The book offers methods and ideas on how to reach success and a joyful view of work through coaching. Buy the book from the Swedish publisher’s site at

Find Love (2008) is available in Australia and New Zealand. It's a coaching book written for singles who haven't found ‘The One’ and want a helping hand finding love, starting from within. It’s a book you work with actively; to really create changes on a deep level, by making you love yourself first. It’s not about dating tips or pick-up lines; it is about learning to know yourself better, be strong, confident and happy, so that love will find you. Buy it in book stores or online from

Hitta Kärlek (2007) is Find Love in original language, Swedish. This book is also published in Norway as Få deg Kjaerste (2008). To buy, contact publishers (Sweden) and (Norway).

Vara Ihop (2009) is a book for couples, on how to build a healthy, strong and loving relationship. It is filled with methods and ideas on how to get an attitude that makes the couple appreciate each other more, and handle conflicts and dramas in a constructive way. Order from the publisher

The Guy Guide (2009) is a study of what men thinks of women, love, dating and relationships. After interviewing hundreds of men I was able to find common patterns and give advice based on my findings. The book can be purchased from me. Happy Days (2010) This book will definitely make you smile. It is jam packed with tips on how to become a happier, more optimistic person. Purchase directly from me.