Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Health is about happiness - a holistic view on beauty

An increasing amount of people are becoming aware of how powerful our minds are for making us happy. Happiness comes from what we think and feel, rather than what make up we put on. I have written a book called "Shine" since so many - especially young girls - come to me, expressing self doubt, lack of confidence and confusion. I want them to train their happiness muscles to become as happy as they can be. To shine from within!

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From one of the readers:

I have read many 'self-help' books over the last year (well, started them anyway) believing whole heartedly when I began them that their words would turn my life around. At points some of their words did touch me or give me some hope, but I felt they never had any long term effect; and then I read yours.

I hadn't even began the main body of text when I read a sentence that made something shift inside, some hurt or negativity I was holding onto... “thanks to those who hurt me or treated me badly.” There was no reason or justification, just thanks. Almost as soon as I had read it I felt my heart loosen , weight lifting off my shoulders and even felt the corners of my mouth curl upwards. That's when knew this book would make a difference.

The idea that we are all meant to shine is a simple one, like you said, we are born to do it. The idea that many don't allow themselves to shine in fear of standing out was one I related to. With each sentence I read, it was as if a whole volume of knowledge had opened up to me. At the end of practically every sentence I had to stop reading, digest each and every word, think about what it was teaching me and relate it back to my life and to me. Each time I finished with the same thought: 'that's so obvious, why didn't I know this before?' I'm sure your words will strike a cord with all of it's readers, each one feeling the words have been written just for them.

I have read books before that explain how like attracts like and happiness leads to more happiness, and I believe it every time I read it. What I have more of a problem with, however, is in practise life is just not that easy. I mean, where do you start? When at a low point in life, whether through bereavement, heartbreak, fear, loneliness or anything else, it's hard to break the cycle of sadness and one day just be happy, even if this is what your head wants, your heart may take more convincing. I generally find words inspiring...at the time I read them. For a few days afterwards I'll remind myself of the basic message and within due course I'll be back to square one. This is where your book is different. It's exactly like you said, if you don't exercise your happiness muscle you lose it. I think many people look to self help books as a miracle cure, that after reading it you'll instantly be worry free and forever smiling, but it takes time and effort to turn your mood around if you are having a hard time. This acknowledgment is refreshing and the reason I loved this book so much.

With this acknowledgment comes positive steps to shine. Having daily exercises is a great way to inspire you and help maintain enthusiasm. If I have a sad day it is easy to forget the principles of books previously read, but with Shine you can you can choose a single exercise, and with hardly any effort you can brighten your day. It becomes an exciting part of your day to see in what way you can shine that day.

Obviously I haven't yet had the time to try all the exercises, but the ones I have tried are brilliant. I love the mix, that some can be done in a matter of minutes, whilst others you can do all day. Some make you think about your life, past and present and can invoke strong feelings, yet others require hardly any thought, such as buyng a plant – beautiful!

I can't wait to try more exercises, and the best thing, you can do them as often as you like, in any order. Really the last thing to say is thank you, for writing such an inspiring book.

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