Sunday, February 6, 2011

The spirit of sharing - Absolut ely Fabulous brand

Last night I was out with some girlfriends and we found an excellent offer from Absolut Vodka. We got a jug drink for 20 dollar (not that strong but tasted great) and the tagline was "The Spirit of Sharing". Brilliant!!

Friends and sharing is a mega trend. We have left individualism behind and are nowadays focused on togetherness, something that more brands are using to get into the heart of their customers.

Spirit is also a smart choice of word, meaning both booze and soul, and in times when new age and self help books are making us more open to spiritualism, this is super clever. Absolut Vodka is definitely full of ideas and always following trends. Such a rolemodel brand, love it. The brand was actually created before the spirit, by intelligent marketers from  Sweden, operating from NY. Interesting story. If you get the time, read the book by Carl Hamilton, The Biography of a Bottle.

This is their latest version of the drink:

"For thousands of years, oolong – or “black dragon” tea has inspired kings and cultures all over the world. Now, its dark tones and mysterious richness have been introduced to the wild, delicate character of Nordic elderflower and harmonized with a smooth, mellow vodka base. This unexpected flavor mixes perfectly, and brings excitement to a wide variety of drinks. ABSOLUT WILD TEA will be available in January 2011 at bars, restaurants and retailers in the US."

I made a video yesterday on how to be a good friend to your friends while dating. Check it out:

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