Monday, February 28, 2011

Consumer democracy - or consumer labour? New trend in marketing: make people work to give you their money

The latest and most intriguing trend in marketing is that brands win the heart of their consumers by asking people to do the job for them. During the days I´ve posted great campaigns on this blog, and what they seem to have in common is that they seriously interact with us. They make us work for the honour to buy the products. Easy access is no longer the way to attract new target groups - no, be like a fortress and customers come running!

The future is about creating grass root movements, letting people people make stories, contribute to the message. Don´t tell, let them tell you. Don´t present, just be a stage for them.

There are several examples, presenting an interesting pattern:

1. The ibutterfly campaign where people had to play a game to get coupons.
2. The Atlantic Project forcing people to think for themselves through shiny OOH.
3. Hippo´s twitter campaign encouraging people to fix a broken supply chain.
4. The Mini campaign, engaging Swedes to run around chasing cars in a location based game
5. The LG billboards where people tweeted messages immediately visable on the board

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