Friday, February 11, 2011

Eco-shopping: Levi´s Waterless jeans for people who care about the planet

Many brands are adopting to a growing consumer need to care for the planet without having to do too much yourself... Eco-shopping is not just about farmers markets and buying clothes in shops that smells nag champa, but also about the brands we usually associate with hard core American capitalism. The only 'green' you´d traditionally associate with Levi´s is the green dollar bill, right...? Not anymore. Times are changing.

Levi´s has launched "waterless jeans", in order to be susainable - and sort of save the world. This is not, as I first thought, a pair of jeans that never has to be washed, but about introducing a production process that uses less valuable water. Normally, the average pair of jeans uses 42 litres of water in the finishing process, but The WaterLess collection reduces the water consumption by an average of 28% and up to 96% for some new products in the line.

The first collection includes over a dozen classic Levi’s® jeans, and The Levi’s® brand will continue to introduce these finishing techniques to even more supplier factories around the world with the goal of increasing the numbers significantly in 2011.

"As a company, Levi Strauss & Co. is making strides in these key areas – from supporting more sustainable ways to grow cotton to monitoring how suppliers use water in the manufacturing process. The company also launched the “Care Tag for Our Planet” campaign, changing the product care tags in Levi’s® jeans to include instructions about ways consumers can reduce the environmental impact of their clothes by washing less, washing in cold water, line drying and donating to Goodwill™ when no longer needed."

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