Monday, February 7, 2011

Gen Y like to get mail (says Australia Post)

Gen Y spend on average 21 hours per week on the Internet, which is as much time as they spend on all other media channels combined. according to a study by Australia post conducted by Sweeney (not sure when exactly, the report doesn´t tell and press releases online are not dated but I´ve asked through email on: I´l be back on this...)
The study is ordered by Australia mail, and the results need to be seen in the light of this, but one of the big conclusions of the report is that Gen Y like DM. Addressed mail is considered the most acceptable channel of the “personalised” media. More results:
- 87% positively welcome marketing through email.
- Telephone-based communication is seen as irritating, and less than a quarter welcome sms from businesses they are not dealing with at the moment. They especially hate when companies call their mobiles.
- TV/radio/magazines are considered expected and easy-to-ignore.  
Of course it is interesting to study this kind of data on channels, and working for a media agency I surely know that channel strategies are cruicial to reach success, but having said that, it´s more about HOW you do it than WHERE. A cluttered brochure put in a mailbox will go straight to the bin - whether it´s directed to a teenager or a baby boomer - and a happy, smiling person calling can be a lovely experience.
If you treat the consumer as a person - ask, listen and spice up their life rather than shouting your own name as loud as you can - you can use any channel. The message and the packaging thereof can break any "rule" based on statistical findings. Be creative, be friendly, be a mate. 

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