Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Today I am a consumer - what and why will I buy...? Shopping journey analysis

My boss told me to take the day off, since I am working more hours than I should according to our contract. Hmm. Sure, I do and I have a business on the side to run, but I am a hyper active mega productive person and I don´t need time off. Time off freaks me off. Work is my element. (ok, I am a little annoyed and experiencing FOMO - fear of missing out)

Anyway, I will be a consumer today (as in spend the day shopping), and I was reflecting on what drives me to purchase some things and not others. Here is what I will probably spend money on and how I found the products/services:

- Soy Latte: I go to the same coffee shop every morning because it brings me peace and I meet the same people. Convenient around the corner.
- Natio cleanser: I became aware of the product because of a "buy 2 products, get a bad of freebies". Love those :)
- Clinique eyebrow pencil: Same reason...
- Nail in-fills Word of mouth from friends about a good nail salon.
- Short reading: My psychic is also my career coach, who I found via a note outside her shop that I saw when passing by.
- Lunch: Will go wherever my girlfriend can fit in with the pram (baby)
- Ferry ticket to get to wedding on an island in Sweden in July: Monopoly, only one ferry provider to choose from and you got to buy a ticket 5 months in advance to not miss out...
- Lipgloss from Bodyshop: I usually dislike shopping there because the staff is so clingy, chasing me around the shop 'to help' but I like the color. I was a teenager in the 80´s when Bodyshop was really cool so I think that might affect my relationship with the brand as well.
- Photo ID: Need a handier id than my passport so I can bring with me out to bars (didn´t get in to The Golden Sheaf the other week because I didn´t have ID with me - and I am 37 years old!!)
- BRW and other mags: I´m a nerd; I love learning, love reading, might also go to Borders to have a crappy Gloria Jeans coffee in a dodgy paper cup - image what you do to be able to read mags for free.
- I will either go to a business seminar or to my fortune telling class tonight, depends on my mood :) Both these I´ve found through word of mouth.

Ah well, I will probably also buy a new pair of shoes and some stuff from the supermarket that I forgot to get yesterday. Some of these products will have been promoted through ads on TV or in the magazines I expose myself to. But it´s odd that my new products or services will be sold to me because I´ve had them recommended, or I´ve fallen for an offer. Is my work as a marketer less meaningful than I think...?

What does your shopping journey look like today? :)

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