Friday, February 25, 2011

76% increased sales through Twitter campaign. Happy Hippo!

Have you heard about the Hippo campaign in India? The brand asked people to report on twitter if they could no find Hippo in stock in a shop. Sales increased with 76%!

On March 17th 2010, the @HelloMeHippo twitter account sent out this message: “Hippo ask you tell to hippo when you not find Hippo in shop. Hippo come there at once and fight hunger.” That’s what they call ‘Hippo English,’ ostensibly straight from the mouth of the mascot itself. (similar to the LOL-cats language)

As people followed the Hippo’s call, the brand acted on it, sending local distribution partners to get snacks onto the newly empty shelves. And people started buying like crazy.

A great example of twitter usage for brands. This is in line with the trend where people want to participate and be a part of making stories - not just being told stories from above. People want to contribute (and apparently even do the companies´ job) and not just be served, as Jeffrey Cole from centre of digital future, USC, said in a keynote speech n Sydney on Wednesday.

For fun: Translator from English to LOL cat language:

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