Thursday, February 3, 2011

Meet the citysumer - this is who she is: the whole list!

By 2050, the global urban population is expected to be 6.3 billion, or 70% of the population at that time.´s lates briefing is about the consumers living in cities, the 'citysumers'. It´s a briefing full of examples of campaigns capturing the minds of the urban market.

Most who read this blog are probably already subscribers of briefings, but this might be interesting for you. Through the document I found several insights on how the 'citysumers' are:
  • time-starved
  • choicerich
  • smartphone clutching
  • embracing products, services and experiences that are more daring, more mature, or just more relevant to urban culture
  • wish to temporarily leave the city and enjoy some peace and quiet with nature and clean air
  • savvy
  • wired
  • superspontaneous
  • seriously space-deprived
  • addicted to the here-and-now experiences
  • seek choice and freedom, flexibility and rawness, unrestricted opportunity and the Next Big Thing
  • has an “enjoy life” fun lifestyle
  • up for brands that challenge, thrill, titillate, or even shock. At the very least, brands need to show some personality, loosen up and embrace urban culture
  • identity will often be closely tied to a city's culture, its brand, its heritage, its 'being'
  • everincreasing amounts of time spent online
  • enjoy connecting with other, real-life human beings, and embrace the choice, the excitement, the frenetic pace, the spontaneity, the chaotic vibrancy offered by urban life

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