Monday, January 31, 2011

Micro marketing campaigns are like the everyday cheer up kiss

Sometimes I wonder why marketers always do this BIIIIG campaigns, with massive contests on social networks, ads on billboards and all that, but forget the small gestures. In real life.

I am thinking of the power of micro marketing like for example:

1. Customer service in shops - I know it is important for a shop assistant to show the consumers they are there, but do they need to stalk you around the shop and shour "how are you today???" from behind? What if I simply want to stroll around and make my own decisions. Perhaps I don´t want the attention and fashion advice from 20 year old girls...? The same goes for waitresses constantly keeping an eye on our table - hey, it feels a little creepy having you staring at us, chick! (lol)

2. When I stand in lines, bored to death - The brand that can make people happy while they are not by surprising them with something will be the winner. I am thinking about the frozen yoghurt shop in my hood where they hand out free samples outside the shop. What if they instead stood at the busstop when people have all the time in the world (unfortunately) and really need cheering up? The brand would be loved forever!

3. Clarity - I am trying to change mobile broadband provider from Virgin to Vivid and once again I am confronted with the awfulness of calling customer service, spending ten minutes listening to recorded voices, going back and forth in menus, searching on the websites on how to cancel an account, being transferred here and there, and being REALLY ANGRY. Nothing is more painful than the detalis behind the headlines, so to speak... It sounds good in the ads, but the fineprint of opening and cancelling accounts is a maze. What about having clear signs on "close account" and "open account"? That would make me happy. Now I hate Virgin mobile broadband forever, even if the service was ok.

It is like in a relationship where the going down on one knee, proposing, being on honeymoon, buying jewellery for a birthday is all good - but what really matters is the everyday interaction, knowing someone is there supporting you after a rough day at the office or just surprising with a candle in the meat pie on a Monday night.

Don´t just plan a BIG campaign, also remember that small gestures can be what really matters and make people love you.

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