Thursday, January 6, 2011

Great campaigns to be inspired by

I love being inspired by other people´s great work. Here is one site to have a look at. Awesome marketing campaigns, that connect with people:

More good examples:

Most viewed ads on YouTube 2010:

Cannes Lions: Unfortunately I can only find the lists and not the real campaigns. Do you know where to find them?

Do you have other examples from around the world? Please share!

Awards drive some people in media/advertising who wish to shine. You get judged by how many entries you can deliver and how successful these campaigns are in reaching awareness, sales or love. Nothing wrong with that really, as long as the marketing directors who order the work also consider long term results, and not just look at sales peaks and aim for short term attention. To build a brand that is long term successful, you need to see beyond the award. But you know that, already don´t you :) Good luck!!

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