Friday, January 28, 2011

Fertile women don´t call their dads

As a strategist I am naturally curious about human behaviour (or maybe I am a strategist because of that...) and even if some phenomenons are not directly related to a certain target group, they will still be of interest. Who knows what kind of insights you can get by just observing, absorbing without having your mind set on "how can I sell skincare, detergent or chocolate to this group of people". 

For example, I find it fascinating how hormones change our behaviour. For example, women instinctively shun their fathers when they are most fertile. University of Miami study checked phone records of 48 women in their reproductive years, noting the date and duration of all phone calls with their fathers, and mothers over the course of a billing period. They found that women called their dads less frequently the days when they were ovulating, and would hang up sooner if their dads called them. Overall daughters were half as likely to ring their fathers during high-fertility days compared with the period of menstruation, and when they did call their conversations lasted about half as long. (The Week Dec 2010)

Another study showed that strippers who are ovulating get on average $70 tips per hour, while those who are menstruating make $35. Those who are not either ovulating or menstruating make $50. Women who are ovulating say their partners are more loving and attentive towards them and, significantly more jealous of other men.

Once again: Do not judge people out of geography, age brackets or income. The guy who ticks all the boxes is not always the one who gets your juices flowing... Crete customer chemistry by knowing more, listening more carefully and seeing your "target" as humans.

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