Monday, January 17, 2011

Organic farming and video games growing sectors - bc we want to control

Organic farming and video games are according to IBISWorld expected to be the two fastest growing sectors in 2011. 14% growth for organic farming, and 12% for gaming.

The organic food trend is a result of people´s increased interest in healthy food, and that the large retailers are putting organic on display, making it easy for customers to reach it.

The video game trend is a result of that those who played as kids keep on playing as adults, and that younger generations are starting their love affair. There is also a growth of female gamers, leading to a success for Nintendo´s Wii and Xbox.

These trends are so different - one is 'back to basic', the other 'more of unreality'. Both are signalling a need of contol, though. Avoidance of food we don´t understand or trust on one hand, avoidance of the unpredictable reality on the other. Life is easier online.

Let´s just hope we will still keep some things real, inspite of our need of control, so we don´t have to hear any more of these kind of stories (reported in The Week): "In march 2010 a South Korean couple let their baby starve to death while raising a “virtual” daughter. The parents spent up to 12 hrs a day at an internet cafĂ© tending to their avatar child in the online game Prius, but left their real three-month-old baby at home alone with just one bottle of milk a day."

It´s never easy to be human, living in real life One day a flood comes and washes it all away, another day you find love at first sight. We can seldom plan, predict and control. Still, so many fear change and think ups and downs are unnatural, hence they hide in the video game world, behind their self produced avatars, eager to know it all.

Perfection has become the new 'normal' - but it can never be. Perfection will always lay in our attitudes towards life. If you are flexible and curious you will handle it all. Don´t worry (worries give you wrinkles). Move with the flow of life and trust that you are protected.

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