Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Apps and tablets everywhere - and you are never to be lost again

The Consumer Electronics Show CES 2011 is on in Vegas, so expect a lot of news reporting on gadgets and technology the next week...

I found some interesting reflections on a blog, pointing towards the fact that the apps obsession is creating a Big Brother society, where you are always watched, you can always be tracked down.

"As Shawn Dubravac, the chief economist and director of research for the Consumer Electronics Association, says, we can expect the "appification" of everything.Over 2010, we've seen apps virtually take over, with Google unveiling an app store, Apple announcing a Mac app store, and even Microsoft getting in on the fun with an Internet Explorer 9 beta that gets out of the way and virtually appifies the Web.

Internet-connected, "appified" everything, huh? That brings us to our third thing we'll definitely be on the lookout for.. The Ever-Expanding Internet of Things.

As more and more devices become Internet-enabled, they gain the abililty to automatically report certain data, such as where they are, what they are doing and when they are doing it. As Dubravac notes, apps are going to be everywhere and that means that Internet-connected devices will too. Ford SYNC is one major push in the realm of Internet-connect objects - in this case, your vehicle - and shows many of the possiblities. With this system, Ford owners can access "Vehicle Health Reports" online, automatically dial 911 in the event that the airbag deploys, connect with traffic data and even connect with your smartphone (among other features)."

I use the Facebook app on my Blackberry and can´t say I am very pumped about new apps, but who knows... ? It´s easy to be sucked into it and lots of people are checking them out. We are at the curious state, but will we enter the loyal, stay-together-forever one? When we become aware of the risks with telling the world through Foursquare that we are not at home, will that take us back to the anonymous, private world we once lived in... Or is this going to be the 'normal' state, and we will outbalance the negatives with security door?

The tablet computer is one gadget that seems to have gone beyond the Apple addicts and early adopters buying and loving ipads. 14% of businesses are planning to buy a tablet first quarter of 2011 according to a ChangeWave survey. They are ON!

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