Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Domestic products that makes men iron - yes please

Last year electronics giant Philips introduced the steam iron for men! They felt that men wanted a more robust, heavy-duty tool to tackle hampers of laundry. Something with a larger grip and a more masculine look. So it created the GC4490, which offers 'more power, more steam, more performance'. Philips describes the iron's sleek yet rugged design and stresses its technical specifications, seemingly in an attempt to convince men that they're buying a power tool or new gadget instead of a garment care appliance. Like a new hammer drill, the iron comes in a solid case. (thanks to for the summary)

Coke tried to reach the male market with Coke Zero, but apparently that brand was more liked by women, so now the Diet Coke is getting even more feminised. Men want even tougher stuff, like Mother energy drinks. Caffein is not powerful enough... and I think Coke made a mistake when marketing Zero with focus on taste instead of strenght and power - the wake-up-factor.

Anyway, I think niched products definitely have their purpose, and not just as a marketing gimmick. As I wrote yesterday, I´d love a tablet computer that suits me and my nails... If a steam iron for men is larger, that makes it more comfortable for a male hand. And if more men iron their own shirts, that is a lovely world :)

I could say so much about the pink products for girls, but that would just make me angry, so I do that another day.... Let´s just say women want power too.

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