Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The most popular supermarkets

Roy Morgan just released data on which supermarkets Australians like the most.

"Aldi maintain the top position in customer satisfaction in October 2010. IGA were not far behind after increasing by one percentage point on the previous month. Woolworths and Coles remained relatively stable in their satisfaction scores.
Among Aldi customers, 90.5% were satisfied, followed by IGA (89.5%), Woolworths (87.5%) and then Coles (85.5%) for the 6 month’s average to October 2010."
Those are amazing numbers! Why are supermarkets so much better off than other categories? Banks for example average around 70-80%. Is it more of a fun experience to shop than to save? Is it a larger pleasure to get than to think about what you 'should', 'must' do? 
The concept of customer satisfaction is more interesting when you look at the relative numbers than the absolute.  

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