Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Supré - not a winner in emotional branding

From the article:
"I am continuously stunned by the lack of emotional intelligence in marketing. Too many companies use the heart to allure their customers. They say “You’ll love me” and expect to get loved. McDonalds say “I’m lovin it”. Tooheys New says “For the love of beer”, Priceline says “This is why you will love this club card”.

In my job as a love coach I help people find their inner strength, confidence and happy attitude, to be able to succeed when dating or building a family. I help those who have failed for years to learn new strategies to suddenly improve their emotional relationships.

In my eyes, the campaigns screaming out “You will love me”, are acting exactly as the desperate and clumsy person who can not get neither a date nor a relationship. And in the same way as I help people connect by being emotionally smart, I now want to help organisations and companies to find and keep their friends on the market."

Knowing how we move is important if you wish to connect with your customers on an emotional level. When you know what kind of world they live in and how their mind works you will be able to meet deep needs, and get loyal friends on the market.


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