Thursday, September 2, 2010

DIY is for fun in a world that yawns

We all watched Masterchef and many wanted to learn how to cook like one. People were running to the shops to buy the ingredients, to be able to create fabulous things in the kitchen. But why? Cooking and DIY is not fun if it is for everyday food consumption. It is done more because we crave the pleasure of being an artist, a creator, someone who shapes the world. And we want to have fun!

I would say DIY is a reaction on the boredom of our time. Sure, people are stressed, but there are more people who think life is too dull than who think it´s too exciting. We are heavy consumers of information, all flooding into our brains through or tech gadgets, but our hands and fantasy are not used for more than scrolling pages on the ipad. We are over stimulated in one part, and under stimulated in another. We work as small pieces in a big machinery, and very few get to see something go from conception to completion.

When creating a strange mystery challenge like piece in the kitchen or hammering on your own fence, you feel  as if you are meaningful. I think humans are meant to build and develop things. It makes us live to our full potential, having all senses involved, and I think that is why Masterchef was such a powerful show; tapping into our deep needs and dreams of having a purpose.


  1. Hej! måste först säga att jag tycker att du är helt fantastisk! :)

    Sen undrar jag, din nya bok - finns den bara på wngelska än? Har du tänkt att sälja en svensköversatt?

  2. Tusen tack! Menar du boken The Guy Guide eller Happy Days? De är båda på engelska, men väldigt enkelt skrivna :) Läs mer på



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