Thursday, September 9, 2010

Sugar under attack - fat-free is not enough to save us

In Australia, diet concerns are mostly about fat. Products are "98 % fat free" and buying them makes people feel healthy. But this is about to change. Now it is time to attack the sugar content as well. Is The Heart Foundation Tick is about to target sugar as dangerous for your health and heart? Channel 7 ran a story about it this morning, which is a powerful start.

So far, the tick has been rewarded to products high in sugar. Nestle’s Fruit Fix Bars proudly bear the Heart Foundation tick but are around 72% sugar. However a tick-free Mars Bar is only 58% sugar. Others: Nestle’s Billabong Ice Blocks (23% sugar), Nestle’s B-Smart Milo (32% Sugar), Kellogg’s K-Time Twist Bars (38% sugar), and Nestle’s Nesquik Plus (60% sugar). (from a blog)

Back in Sweden we had a huge sugar debate more than 5 years ago, which led to a reduced sugar content in all sorts of products, but here in Australia cereals, yoghurts and drinks are still packed with the sweet treat. I believe that is about to change, and it will hit hard for brands that avoid changing their content when consumers are becoming aware of the dangers of a high sugar diet. Brands that step up first and offer alternatives will be rewarded.

More people suffer from diabetes, more people are over weight, more people have sleeping problems... A lot of them think the solution is energy drinks or vitamin waters (”NewAge drinks” like functional water, tea drinks and energy drinks grew three times faster than the total beverage market over the last 4 years.) but that is because we don´t know what the real problem is.

There is a large gap on the market for low-sugar products. Go fill it.

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