Monday, September 27, 2010

Bye bye travel agents - Internet does your job in the future, unless...

According to the June 2010 Roy Morgan "Travel Agent Brand Health and Holiday Booking Trends Report", the Internet (38.2%) has become the most popular source of information used by Australians to help choose their overseas holiday destination. The report shows that the growing use of the Internet as an information source for overseas holidays is paralleled by a decline in the use of Travel Agents, especially in the last 18 months.
This is what happens when service providers are stuck in old patterns. I have never got any help to understand my destination when visiting travel agents; all they do is to tap my details into their computers and compare prices. Not very advanced... What if they had seen they were in danger and created seminars, information sheets and other extras to keep the customer... Now they are fading away... Act fast, or bye bye...
Other travel trends I found when searching the web:
SUPER low budget, Whole body scanners, China, India and Gulf States are the new hotspots, Luxury and adventure, Eco-travelling, Faith tourism, Medical tourism, A la carté airlines, Overweight pays for 2 seats, Zero-star hotels, Couch surfing, Cheap chic living, Boutique B&Bs, Upmarket all-inclusives, Eco luxe, Mixing business with pleasure'Bleisure', Traincations, Flashpacking, Granny chic, Family-friendly hip hotels, Quiet sections on planes, Volunterism, Glamping

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