Thursday, March 17, 2011

Why brands fail even if their TVC is brilliant

The last TEDx screened to the world a few weeks ago actually showed an ad to the audience, and the ad was the amazing Dulux creation where people are panting dull and grey places in strong happy colours - hence bringing some joy, happiness and life to people´s everyday life. It´s a stunning TVC worth watching, so that a high status organisation that normally gather scientists and leaders spent a few minutes on an advertising is lovely. I reaaaaallly hope it wasn´t sponsored...

BUT, now to my point with the picture of the gentlemen here... They work as painters. They have Dulux logos on their shirts. And they walzed into my favourite cafĂ© the other day, all dressed in white!!! Sure, they were bubbly and colourful guys, but they didn´t match the ad I saw.

This is just one example of brands not considering all the touch points, all the parts of a brand. I know how marketing departments normally function, and I am aware of how creative agencies, media agencies, pr, digital, event....... etcetera etcetera...... often find it hard to communicate. There is so much prestige involved, and too often the ideas come before the insights on the consumer, causing the ground to be unstable, the ideas wobbling around in the mud, blown away by floods and winds of time. I know it´s hard to be consistent. But please, please keep on trying....

Your consumer will see you from different angles. Just like with online dating - one day you need to step away from the photoshopped snap of yourself and the well edited profile and be REAL - 3D. To the customer a brand is not the TVC however beautiful or cool or funny or clever. It doesn´t matter how many rewards you win if the robot voice in customer service pisses people off. It doesn´t matter if you have a great way of catching people´s eyes if you can´t reach their hearts.

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