Thursday, March 24, 2011

Coke and Maroon 5 on 24 hr webcam created a song with you

Yesterday Coke had a 24 hour session with Maroon 5, putting a song together with the help of the world. Screened on webcam directly, showing the artists doing yoga, playing table tennis and singing, the project was kind of comforting to watch.

Coke says: "Thank you, music fans of the world for tuning in and helping Maroon 5 write a new song in just 24 hours. You can relive all of the great moments right here. Be sure to come back on April 1st for a free mp3 of the hot new track created during the recording session. For the first 100,000 downloads Coca-Cola will make a donation to *RAIN, which will help to provide clean water to people in Africa. Thanks again for being part of music history!"

Is this successful for the brand? Yeah, the project only have 47 Like´s on Facebook, but it signals the power of Coke. And these kind of projects are still so exciting they get sent around the office.

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