Monday, March 28, 2011

Get dinner recommendation from Anonymous Video Analytics technology- who needs cook books?

Apparently 70% of shoppers enter the store without a clue as to what to serve that night for dinner, which has led Intel and Kraft to cooperate to help confused shoppers come up with dinner solutions. They have created a special "kiosk" where Anonymous Video Analytics technology scans your face and base a recommendation out of what they think a person with you age and gender would like (yeah, it will be Kraft products of course...).

The screen advisor will also suggest recipes based on the shopper's meal-time intentions: a weeknight dinner, for example, or a weekend dinner party, or game day potluck--using Kraft dressings, CoolWhip, or Ritz crackers. If shoppers are willing to assist the effort by swiping their local market's loyalty card or their mobile phone, the kiosk can make recommendations based on past purchasing history. The kiosk syncs with Kraft's iFood Assistant, which allows shoppers to add recipes, shopping lists, etc. to their smartphones via a barcode scanner. Best of all, it will dispense a sample, so you can continue your trip down the aisles fueled by Oreos or Triscuits.

Read the whole article here:

This idea is similar to the phone game where you win coupons: or the icecream vending machine that reads smiles (see video)! New ways to do old things.... People love to have fun and brands that can entertain us while doing something boring like grocery shopping are winners.

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