Friday, March 18, 2011

Finally!! Group texting!

OMG how I have been waiting for this!! It seems like we are finally going to be able to have a chat with several people at once through texts.
How many times haven´t you tried to organise a larger group catch-up with friends and it´s bloody hard when everyone replies and comes with changes and suggestions without knowing what other people are saying. Aaaargh. Now, release of pressure. Next stop group chats on Facebook please?
Trend spotted at “Group Texting: The concept of group text messaging seems so obvious it’s shocking that it’s only a recent trend. Inspired in part by Facebook Groups, group texting applies a unique number to a designated group of friends that can then be used to send one text instantly to everyone approved for the group. Some of the leading services are Fast Society, the Facebook-owned Beluga, and Breakout Digital Trend award winner GroupMe. Not only was everyone at SXSWi talking about group texting…everyone was using it. Now, when news hits of a last minute Sleigh Bells showcase at SXSW Music, fans can immediately let those who matter know without broadcasting it to all 1,436 of their “friends” and followers.”
It might increase my mobile bill but it´s still brilliant... Would be awesome for tonight when co ordinating several groups, couples, friends to one single venue. Don´t want to spend my whole evening texting when I could chill and have a drink. Yay.

Happy Weekend everyone!

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