Monday, March 14, 2011

Kindness creates headlines - marketing trend from the heart (or...?)

The March trend briefing from is about on one of their trends for 2011: Random acts of Kindness.

One example of this marketing trend is the Proctor & Gamble-owned Secret deodorant that has applied R.A.K. as part of their marketing strategy to 'Blow People Away'. When someone wrote on Secret's Facebook wall that she couldn't buy Secret in Spain, P&G weren't able to just send her products from the US because of customs regulations. However, an agency executive took some to Italy on an unrelated trip and then mailed them to her from there.


I like this new attitude from brands, serving people instead of holding a monologue about their fabulousness and expect us all to open our wallets based on admiration; I really appreciate the new humble, arrogance free approach, and I wonder why not more brands are using this, since it´s still seen as a novelty, worth reporting of. It´s so easy - and cheap! Send the CEO over to one customer, create a PR campaign around it and BAAAAM.

Ok, I am getting a little cynical... The 'kindness' is not really an act from the heart or as a response to God´s wish. Ehum. It´s just a new way to get attention, to earn more cash.

Nothing wrong with that, of course; capitalism makes the world go round and puts coffee on my table, but to talk about a kindness revolution is perhaps being too optimistic and to take it a bit too far. We still haven´t seen the kindness in man, where people randomly give each other presents and gestures peer-to-peer. It´s not a cultural transformation, since the volume of our heart is still the same.

Random acts of kindness is a marketing tool. That´s it. I´m  still waiting for the love.

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