Thursday, March 31, 2011

Is 'kind capitalism' and RAK just a marketing trick? I never got freebies :( talked in their latest briefing about the trend "Random acts of kindness" I am still waiting for presents and gestures... The trend shows examples of brands giving samples and experiences to customers in need - but seriously... isn´t it just for a few and then spread like a bushfire around the ad community. Like "wow, how cool, the CEO went home to a chick and gave her free body spray" but was it anything else than a cheap pr trick - making us all rave about the new kind captitalism? Ah well, I adore capitalism as a mecanism for growth and welfare for all, but the kindness is no really from the heart :) And WHERE are my flowers, shampoo bottles and other goodies? I have tried to tweet that I´m tired, that I am disappointed with one brand and that I love another. But naaaah.

Cool trend, and hopefully it indicates a cultural shift towards people being genuinly nice to each other, respecting one another and acting like angels. I believe eye contact and compliments is way more efficient than weapons to create world peace.

I´m still looking forward to´s april issue. Come on guys, wow me :)

And be kind and positive today:

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