Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Rent a painting, a cocktail dress - or someone´s husband?

Another interesting spotting from caught my eye:
"Artsicle: The idea of renting artworks may seem odd, but we live in an era when consumers think nothing of renting a cocktail dress for an evening. Launched earlier this month, Artsicle is a “Netflix for art.” For a $50 monthly fee, members can transform their homes into galleries. Customers can keep a piece for as long as they pay the fee, or can exchange it for another work if they conclude that, say, they’d rather wake up to an abstract than to a portrait. All works are also available for purchase. In addition to benefitting would-be collectors who are averse to long-term commitment, Artsicle could become a powerful promotional vehicle for young artists struggling to land a gallery show."

In a time when we want something new every day, renting is a brilliant solution. I remember my grandma´s house, where the same stuff was present year after year, decade after decade. No changes unless necessary or if she got something new. Today it´s different; we seek novelty and get stressed by status quo. Move, move, move...

This is probably why there is a new trend in Sweden, offering websites for married people, encouraging infidelity with the tag line something in the lines of: "Make life more alive" - indicating that what is in change is alive, while stability is almost like a rolling stone (where no moss can grow..). Is monogamy dead? Are we simply going to "rent" our partners, as we rent art and cocktail dresses, handbags and dvd´s?

The picture is of a billboard in Stockholm city, advertising cheating. Half of the population upset, the other half...? I´d love to see the ROI of this campaign...

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