Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Unhappiness comes from holding on to an idea that is out dated

In every creative line of work (strategy is definitely creative!) you will run into ideas that you LOVE - your own or others. And you will fight for them until your face goes red because you want them so badly, you are their body guard, their cheer leader, their biggest fan! And other people will be idiots trying to make you change your mind.

I´ve been there and I´ve worked with those people. Amazingly often this Idea is one that has come from the person herself, and not from solid research of the market. When someone is obsessed they tend to say "I know that when I am buying x I feel y, so... Idea!"

Aaaah, the Ideas that we worship are often based a personal story, developed out of fluffy hallucinations and lack of true understanding. That´s why people tend to not join the fan club.

In love, this phenomenon occurs when a girl or a boy gets IN LOVE with someone they have never met, or desperately wants to get back with their ex even if the ex lives overseas, never were really into them or is so wanted just because they look good (Justin Beaver fans...)I made this video for people who are stuck when it comes to love and life. It´s useful for creatives too :)

Oh, and check Mark Pollards post on ideas on Life. Then strategy:

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