Wednesday, March 30, 2011

How to make people fall in LOVE with your brand

Buy the book to special price during April. $20 incl shipping in Australia and $25 for world wide shipping.

Loyal customer is a key to success!

What can a Love Coach teach marketers on how to flirt and attract consumers to their brands?

By seeing the relationship between brands and customers as similar to romantic partnerships, you will get a useful perspective to use for your business. Learn how to not only catch their eye, but also touch their heart.  
 When people feel good around your brand, you attract more customers and make them want to stay around. Customer are emotional buyers and you need to go beyond facts and features to connect and get their attention and liking.
Learn what psychological research tells us about what make people feel good and:
- stick out on the crowded market
- get more customers and sell more to each of them
- make the customer like you better and be happy about their purchase
- make them come back to buy more
- be able to charge more because customers pay for emotional values
- get free brand ambassadors talking you up

To buy the book, email and Carolin will send you a Paypal request.


“Love Branding takes a fresh approach by offering simple yet practical and actionable tips to marketers looking to build ‘emotional layers' into their products and brands.”
Research magazine
“One might expect a book comparing brand relationships to human love would be full of fluffy anecdotes about romantic misadventures and speculative analogies to brand building. While there are indeed a few love coaching stories sprinkled around the book, they aren’t the main emphasis. In fact, Dahlman populates this slender but interesting volume with over a hundred end-noted citations as well as her own branding observations from both personal experience and consulting gigs.”

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