Friday, December 31, 2010

Relativity theories of all kind influence your target market

Robert Cialdini presents in his book ‘Influence’ two interesting studies proving the importance of relativity:
"College-students got to rate pictures of average-looking members of the opposite sex as less attractive if they had first looked through the ads in some popular magazines. In another study, male college-dormitory residents rated the photo of a potential blind date. Those who did so while watching an episode of the Charlie´s Angels TV series viewed the blind date as a less attractive woman than those who rated her while watching a different show. Apparently it was the uncommon beauty of the Angels female stars that made the blind date seem less attractive."
The moral of the story: Don´t take your date to a club filled with beautiful people, or to a convention for rocket scientists (if brains is what turns you on...). 
Another theory of relativity is of course Einstein’s... which is very relevant today at New Years Eve when we reflect on the concept of time. The theory somehow teaches that there is no time. Time and length are relative to speed. So if we all stop moving, we will not move in time. If we move superfast, we will not grow old? I´m not sure, but open for suggestions, since the wrinkles of life are making their mark.
Einstein also told us that mass is equal to energy, meaning everything is energy; energy is mass. But more important, he said that energy can have different value, according to the laws of entropy. When energy get used – or misused – it loses its power.
I believe we can raise the strength of energy and fight entropy with the help of thoughts and smiles. Love conquers all. Dalai Lama among others has suggested that what we think can change the chemical mix in our bodies, and therefore our personality, and I think there will soon be a Nobel Prize won for such findings.
So... HAPPY New Year dear readers. xxx. Visualise the new year as being light and full of hope.

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