Sunday, December 19, 2010

The smartphone is the place to be for brands

We are getting close to our smart little phones, and since so many have one, or are planning to get one, it´s becoming an extremely interesting place to be for brands. 36% own one already and 28% of Australians said they will buy a smart phone withing the next year, according to a Nielsen study (nov 2010).
Naturally, it´s the tech-curious with money who actually have one first. Almost one in five Aussie smartphone owners are over 50, and 41% over 40. Males are bigger smartphone fans with 43% of mobile-using males owning smartphones vs 31% of females. Expect this to change fast though. The smart phone will be for everyone once the xmas pressies have been unwrapped. Dear Santa, give me an iphone or blackberry...
So how do we use them? Telstra’s Smartphone Index (research conducted in June 2010) reveals:
- More than half of smartphone owners use their smartphone in bed.
- Almost one third of Aussies have used their smartphone to surf the web while on the toilet (38% of men and 22% of women) 
- One in five Australian drivers surf the web on their smartphone while driving.
- One in four visit social networking sites like Facebook on their mobiles more than on a computer. Females check social networking sites more regularly on their mobiles than males (34% vs 29% on a daily basis).
- Around 10% are more likely to do their online banking from their phone than on their PC.
- Almost a third of Aussies believe they usually surf the web on their smartphone at home, versus commuting (13%) or during work hours in the office (12%). 
How are brands going to use smartphones in a smart way? Userfriendly websites that fit into the small screen? Follow movements and advertise on the way? Entertain on the bus? It´s up to you to come up with the big idea, but don´t let your strategists and creatives forget about the power of our new little body part...   

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