Monday, December 13, 2010

Who uses an address book and why are calendar producers still make them?

I bought my calendar for 2011 last week, and was giggling when I saw all the address books out there! Bookshops are full of them, calenders obviously need to include a section to write addresses in and I just scratch my head in wonder. Address book!! Who needs it, who uses it?

Times are changing (I should not need to tell anyone that). Most issue are solved online and Facebook is the global phone book for us all. Updated quickly, and if you need someone´s home address (for WHAT?) you can just ask. 

The same goes for faxes. My new calender wants me to fill in my fax number and my land line. But I´ll need to leave it blank. I used a fax about 5 years ago, since then I scan and email any documents. Who doesn´t?

The number of fixed phone lines has remained at 10.7 million since June 2000, but the number of mobile connections have increased from 8 million to 24.2 million over the same period (Sydney Morning Herald Nov 2010). Does this mean that people actually use their phone lines or are they for broadbands and kept just because they´ve always been there. I for sure use Skype if I want to call someone a little bit cheaper than the outrageous mobile prices.

Times are changing. Why are calender brands not keeping up with change? Why are some people so afraid of the movements, the natural flow? Marianne Williamson describes in "Return to Love" (fabulous book!) how she does when creating a sculpture. To be able to work on the clay the next day, you need to spray it with water to make it soft and flexible. If you don´t care for the clay it turns stale before you get to finish your masterpiece. It´s the same with businesses. Spray it with new, creative ideas and insights to be able to work on it, to make it even more nice to look at, more useful an successful.

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