Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Art in vending machines and sparkling water in public drinking fountains

An artist who wants to make art more accessible has installed vending machines across Germany offering unique art miniatures. Lars Kaiser, has installed about 100 art vending machines in public buildings, bars and on exterior walls throughout Germany. The refurbished vending machines formerly sold cigarettes, chewing gum or condoms. (from The Week)
In Paris, the local government has installed a fountain with sparkling water. By doing this they hope to discourage bottled water consumption.
Cool ideas! I am still waiting for the sun screen machine down the beach, in which you would go in and be sprayed as if it was a fake tan! Applying sunscreen in sand hurts, and it´s really hard to reach your back when you´re by yourself. Who will invent it for me? J Or what about a white wine machine where you can fill your glass up when the line is too long to the bar? Or the bus that beems me to work intead of driving arund in traffic...?
"Don´t seek problems, seek remedy" Henry Ford

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