Thursday, December 9, 2010

Help your customers show the world how popular they are

"In 2011, you can´t go wrong supplying your customers with any kind of symbol, virtual or 'real world' that helps them display to peers their online contributions, interestingness, creation or popularity", writes in their trends update for 2011.

To connect your brand with an identity has always been a way to get an emotional connection that will boost sales. For example, sales of Ray-ban sunnies rose dramatically (50%) after Tom Cruise wore them in Top Gun. If a brand makes us feel cool, sexy, special, important or interesting, we will love the brand. It gives us an emotional value, and is more than a 'thing'.

Today, as Trendwatching predicts, we will want to put our importance on display by tweeting, status updating and logging in on Foursquare. If you are at the gym, let´s everyone know!! Makes it more worthwhile... Show everyone how active you are and that you have people to hang out with!

Ipsos and KPMG conducted a while ago a study on Facebook usage among young Australians and discovered that people tend to update their status when they are doing something exciting, like travelling to exotic places.  

Today, having friends is high status, so adding photos with yourself at parties and picnics is important. Actually, friends are a scarce resource today, as fewer people have close relationships, which means it´s getting even more crucial to show you are 'rich' in terms of buddies. Brands that help people spread the word about their glory will succeed.

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