Monday, December 20, 2010

When brands say "Trust me" people really do! Trust me

According to the blog Neuromarketing, a new study from Dan Hill (author of Emotionomics) shows that brands can easily create emotonal connections with customers just by using a few simple words. Summary:

Researchers found that placing the sentence "You can trust us to do the job for you at the end of an ad for a auto service firm caused their trust scores to jump as much as 33%!

That phrase caused people to rate the firm in the ad higher in every category:
Fair Price – Up 7%
Caring – Up 11%
Fair Treatment – Up 20%
Quality – Up 30%
Competency – Up 33%
I believe this is beacuse we trust and follow self confident people in general. When someone is tall, talks with a strong voice, is dressed in suit... that makes us listen more carefully. So when someone is cocky enough to say "Trust me" we will, because of the tone of their voice, the vibe of the message. Few insecure people would even say such a thing. Ooze testosteron, dear brands, and attract more business.

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