Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Times are changing - how exciting!

The Week reports that new mothers are paying experts to come to their homes to assist in getting their baby to feed and sleep. The trend is being attributed to the rising age of first-time mothers, some of whom are less likely to have parents or grandparents to call on for support.
Communities are no longer built on family or geography. I read in the same magazine that nearly 60% of Australians never speak to their neighbours and 38% have no idea who their neighbours are. 82% believe their parents were more connected to their local communities than they are. Nearly half would hesitate to ask a neighbour if they could borrow a cup of sugar.
Yes, in the past people hanged out with people who lived nearby, or were relatives. Today a majority of the world population live in cities, and long distances are changing who we are able to connect with. Internet also brings like minded people closer, and we can have a chat with someone in Stockholm instead of chatting with the weird girl next door. We are no longer stuck with those who live at our street, but we can pick and choose those who have our sense of humour, interests and values. 
Magazines often make change sound negative and odd, but when we embrace change, change will be pleasant. Be curious and flexible, and stop resisting. Read blogs like mine to hear about trends and movements, feel faith that you will be able to handle it well, and you will find it fun :)
What about reading the successful book  "Who moved my cheese?" - a simple and eye opening entry book for those who have not yet found coaching and buddhism as useful principles for a happy life.  

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