Tuesday, December 7, 2010

We choose the first option - whatever it is

It doesn’t matter how good your offer is if it is presented in the ‘wrong’ environment or situation. Just as in dating, it is all about timing and presentation. And I am not talking about looking stunning, but about simpler things...

The order in which alternative are presented can affect our decisions. Researcher Alexander Felfernig and his team tested the internet buying behaviour customers exhibited when purchasing tents, by presenting buyers with four choices arranged in a horizontal row. Each tent had unique characteristics. The researchers varied the order of presentation for each buyer, so that they could evaluate the effect of the order of presentation.

Amazingly enouth, the first choice presented was chosen 2.5 times more often than any other. Despite the fact that the tents varied in their shape, their degree of waterproofing, and other presumably important characteristics, the order of presentation was by far the most critical variable in the selection process. How’s that for logical decision-making?

Conclusion: be aware of how and where your offer is presented. The environment and context can be far more important in the decision-making than the product itself. We seldom make objective choices based on features and facts. How can your company or brand benefit from having a smarter strategy? At least, be on top at Google...

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