Monday, November 22, 2010

What is a "Woman" in ad land? Pure as in Pure Blond ads?

What is a woman? "The Man" is often a topic in advertising - McDonalds, Old Spice, VB for example - but where is the debate about women? This is how "she" is presented:

Fun - This morning I watched a commercial showing a bunch of ladies go crazy about a new tampon - ironic of course but still.
Mona Lisa - Females often look mysterious in beauty ads - no big smiles, just a Mona Lisa face and massive eye lashes.
Mum - We also have the Mummy of course, skinny and warm, caring for kids. Fully dressed.
Sex bomb - The hot minx is often pictured in perfume ads, with wet hair and lips...
Career lady - Only in ads for glasses
Sporty - selling deodorant

And we have the PURE woman. Dressed in white, blond and seen in ads for beer, often accompanied by some dodgy dudes. See the latest Pure Blond ad:

When I wrote the book "The Guy Guide" where I interviewed hundreds of guys about their view on women, relationships, love and dating, I discovered how important guys think it is that a woman is feminine. Girls acting like guys were a no-no. Swearing, smoking and farting was just NOT cool. She should not be too sexual either, and the sex bomb ads are never directed towards men, but always selling products for women.

Is ad land full of blokey blokes? What is a real Woman? Do women care about difining that at all? Just asking. I will keep my eyes on the topic. Can someone make a study please? :)

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