Monday, November 29, 2010

Market to the subconscious mind by being real

Marketers need to be aware of that consumers are not only taking in what you say to them. No, they sense the whole brand package. People will notice if your brand is not authentic, and if you are trying to fake and be someone that you are not.

Malcolm Gladwell presents an interesting study in his book “Blink”, proving the wisdom of our mysterious and smart sub conscious mind.

A group of people were given two decks of cards, one blue and one red. The cards in the blue deck were “better” than the cards in the red deck, but it took the people in the study 80 cards to become aware of this. The funny thing is, however, that after ten cards they had already started sweating and changed their behaviour, choosing more cards from the blue deck than the red. They knew without knowing.

Make sure your brand speaks the same language in all channels and behave in the similar way. Nobody likes a person who says "I love you" and then starts judging, yelling or ignoring you. The same goes with brands. Know who you are, so you can be who you are.

At you will find knowlede on how to reach deep into people´s mind.

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